We are experienced in the whole hydrogen value chain

Our field of expertise

Water electrolysis

including the different technologies, main OEMS, business development, large projects up to GW scale and the keys drivers of the market competition

Compressed hydrogen

including compression technologies and main OEMs.

Hydrogen storage

including high-pressure, liquid or underground storage.

Hydrogen liquefaction

including technologies, costs and boil-off gas management.

Hydrogen transport

including gas and liquid trailers, pipelines and maritime transport (Liquid Organic Hydrogen Carriers such as Ammonia)

Hydrogen Refueling station

whether being for road vehicles, maritime or trailers filling centers, we know the key drivers of the filling solutions, the costs and the key OEMs of the sector.

Hydrogen value chain

to integrate a complete chain from production, purification, and transport down to distribution. We have the capabilities to assess the costs, risks, and business model of the complete value chain.

Renewable power market

optimization of the solution to produce at the cheapest costs, considering the power supply fluctuation over the year.

Industrial use

whether being for ammonia, refineries, steel-making or e-fuels combined with CCU.

Carbon footprint assessment

and comparison between different value chains.