About our tools

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Low-carbon hydrogen business is new for you, you need tools to streamline your processes ?

Hydvisor can propose et setup for you specfic tools, developped for your needs

Our tools


Management Process for Commercial Proposals

including flowchart, milestones, templates and checklists. We can follow-up to assure a good operational start.


Risks and Opportunities Analysis

specific for the low-carbon hydrogen sector.


Scheduling and organization tool

to factor all the schedule drivers of a hydrogen infrastructure project.


Levelized cost of hydrogen Calculator

for a Product, a Solution or an Infrastructure. It can be used for competitivity assessment or CAPEX target calculation.


CAPEX Assessement

tool including contingencies and levers of improvement.


Technical Solution Optimizator

to match the expected performances + targeted LCOH and to identify optimization paths.


Product Functional Analysis

based on the market requirements and the scope of supply. This is the basis of design for the product development.


Availability Assessment

to match the Solution capabilities with the client requirements.